To Celine, Happy Birthday.

25. Happy Birthday Celine! Congratulations on surviving 25 years. You have officially lived your first quarter of your century. I know it wasn’t easy and I also know how hard you had to fight to get to where you are right now. In gradeschool, you doubted yourself so much that you thought you had no friends. You felt bullied and casted out. You felt alone … Continue reading To Celine, Happy Birthday.

A New Year’s Resolution I’m Committing To

Over the years I have lost track of a lot of things. I was so caught up with my next step, the next goal, the next target – my future – that I have neglected one of the most important things in life. FRIENDSHIP. These people helped and supported me through everything – my success, my failures, my adventures, and through my stupidity and odd … Continue reading A New Year’s Resolution I’m Committing To

The Coffee Shop: Lady in Waiting

Slowly, the moist around her Starbucks cup form little tears. With every second that past, each one drips down its side landing on the napkin which separates the cup from the table. Her phone, sitting right in front of her – ready when someone calls. There in the middle of the aroma in the coffee shop, she writes down her thoughts – the ones she can’t share with … Continue reading The Coffee Shop: Lady in Waiting