To Celine, Happy Birthday.

25. Happy Birthday Celine! Congratulations on surviving 25 years. You have officially lived your first quarter of your century. I know it wasn't easy and I also know how hard you had to fight to get to where you are right now. In gradeschool, you doubted yourself so much that you thought you had no … Continue reading To Celine, Happy Birthday.

A New Year’s Resolution I’m Committing To

Over the years I have lost track of a lot of things. I was so caught up with my next step, the next goal, the next target - my future - that I have neglected one of the most important things in life. FRIENDSHIP. These people helped and supported me through everything - my success, … Continue reading A New Year’s Resolution I’m Committing To


This Millennial’s Backstory

Hi. My name is Celine, born in Manila in the year 1992 but I grew up in Surigao and lived there for more than half of my life. I city jumped for a while but now, I live in Pampanga. I graduated with a 5-year Bachelor's degree in Electronics Engineering and became a college professor … Continue reading This Millennial’s Backstory