The November Flowers Are In Bloom As Well As My Love For It

My fascination with flowers started when I was a kid. It manifested itself in my drawings and adventures created by my imagination. My grandmother, Rosalinda (the mother of my father), used to have Santan flowers in front of their house in Surigao. During lazy afternoons, I would go out and pick them, fashion them as … Continue reading The November Flowers Are In Bloom As Well As My Love For It

Ever heard of the DYING burger?

Burgers. Love them, ate them. I came across Hunger Buster the other day at SM City Clark. It's located in the mall's very own food park which is called Tree Park. You can easily spot it as it's the first kiosk you'll see when you're walking from the parking lot or when you are walking … Continue reading Ever heard of the DYING burger?

A Manager’s Parting Words

When I resigned from my last job I didn't tell my manager the whole truth at first. I was reluctant to let him know why I wasn't so enthusiastic about showing up to work - the reason behind my insecurities and my anxiety. So I did the only way I could to explain my whole … Continue reading A Manager’s Parting Words


This Millennial’s Backstory

Hi. My name is Celine, born in Manila in the year 1992 but I grew up in Surigao and lived there for more than half of my life. I city jumped for a while but now, I live in Pampanga. I graduated with a 5-year Bachelor's degree in Electronics Engineering and became a college professor … Continue reading This Millennial’s Backstory

Her Story: Planes and Plans

She laid there beside him, watching the planes pass by. Connecting the stars with her thoughts.  ‘How can something look so alive, be dead?’, she thought as she gazed at the stars that shined above her. He was talking to her now, speaking of promises he couldn’t keep, of plans for the future that couldn’t … Continue reading Her Story: Planes and Plans

His Breaking Heart

There in the middle of the chaotic silence, he sat. Bit by bit, his heart’s slowly breaking. Hope is seeping through the cracks of his physical being and evaporating into nothing. Cold sweat dripping down his neck, landing on the collar of his shirt. ‘Words.’ He thought, ‘How can words hurt him so much?’ He got … Continue reading His Breaking Heart