The Young Writer and the Teacher

I am an unremarkable writer, she said. “The words you chose is not what We’ve come to expect from you. It will not have an impact of any kind.” My poems have no rhythm, she said. “It has no substance, no indications Of how a traditional poem should sound like. Why doesn’t the end of each line rhyme?” It doesn’t make sense, she said. “You’re … Continue reading The Young Writer and the Teacher

Her Story: Planes and Plans

She laid there beside him, watching the planes pass by. Connecting the stars with her thoughts.  ‘How can something look so alive, be dead?’, she thought as she gazed at the stars that shined above her. He was talking to her now, speaking of promises he couldn’t keep, of plans for the future that couldn’t be, of dreams so far beyond his reach – he … Continue reading Her Story: Planes and Plans

The Coffee Shop: Lady in Waiting

Slowly, the moist around her Starbucks cup form little tears. With every second that past, each one drips down its side landing on the napkin which separates the cup from the table. Her phone, sitting right in front of her – ready when someone calls. There in the middle of the aroma in the coffee shop, she writes down her thoughts – the ones she can’t share with … Continue reading The Coffee Shop: Lady in Waiting

Her Story: Unrequited Love

As she sat there basking in the lingering warmth he had left. She starts to think why was she still there? What was she waiting for? Slowly dread dives into the waters that is her brain — she had fallen once again. She had fallen deeper. She suddenly realized the things she had sacrificed to gain his attention, to have his time, to feel his warmth, … Continue reading Her Story: Unrequited Love

Her story: The Great Pretender

I’m just sitting here beside you, listening to what you have to say. Thoughts on what you’re going through, with the girl, you love day by day. You complain about her being insensitive; that she lacks the passion to show her love; that she needs to give time for you; that she needs to realize your worth. And every time you speak, I just nod … Continue reading Her story: The Great Pretender