DIY Cebu Mountain Tour – Temple of Leah, Sirao PGCS, & Tops Skyline Garden

On March of this year, I found myself in Cebu with 4 hours to spare before my next trip. I had the choice to stay in the hotel and roll around in bed or check out early and leave my bulky backpack at the reception and do something. Obviously, I chose to do the latter.

It wasn’t my first time in Cebu so I was already able to visit most of the sights in the City so the nearest tourist spots I haven’t been to are the ones in the mountain. With a little bit of research and a list of tourist spots in hand, I found a habal-habal (motorcycle) driver to take me to the places I wanted to go to for a small fee (includes pick up and drop off at the hotel).

With that said, if you’re up for an adventure back riding on a motorcycle and have at least 4 hours to spare. Here are three places I visited for a quick Cebu mountain tour to pass the time:

1 – Temple of Leah

“The temple was constructed in the year 2012. It was built as a symbol of the undying love and ceaseless devotion of Teodorico Soriano Adarna to his wife for 53 years, Leah Villa Albino-Adarna.” -Choose Philippines

The temple’s facade and iconic columns are similar to ancient Greek architectural designs. As of writing, they are currently building/renovating a new section of the temple.

Aside from the temple itself, you are also treated to a beautiful view of the city and the neighbouring mountains.

2 – Sirao PGCS (Pictorial Garden & Camping Site)

Sirao PGCS is like what a haciendera would have as a garden on a small portion of a mountain. Aside from the blooming flowers and overgrown trees, they’ve also built small structures where you can climb on top of to get a 360-view of the garden and the surrounding mountains.

Note: This is not the one with the “Little Amsterdam” signage and windmill. That one is a little up north.

3 – Tops Skyline Garden

If you’re looking to see Cebu on the highest vantage point without hiking, this is the place to visit. During the day, the islands of Mactan, Olango, Camotes and Bohol is visible. It’s also a peaceful place to just sit and watch the day pass by while feeling the wind brush upon your face. At night, it’s where people come to see the city lights while having a drink with their buddies and eat barbeque dishes.

This tour is also good for those who have half a day layover in Cebu if you opt out of the typical city tour and just looking to get a quick look at some of the less visited spots near the city. I went to these places on a Friday and it’s not crowded.

Habal-Habal: Php450.00 (includes pick up and drop off at hotel)
Contact: Jay-ar Cero
Temple of Leah Entrance Fee: Php50.00
Sirao PGCS Entrance Fee: Php50.00
Tops Entrance Fee: Php100.00 (includes benches and comfort rooms)


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