The Young Writer and the Teacher

I am an unremarkable writer, she said.
“The words you chose is not what
We’ve come to expect from you.
It will not have an impact of any kind.”

My poems have no rhythm, she said.
“It has no substance, no indications
Of how a traditional poem should sound like.
Why doesn’t the end of each line rhyme?”

It doesn’t make sense, she said.
“You’re too young to feel this kind of emotion.
How can you feel so deeply?
Where did you copy this?”

Why can’t I just write about good things? she asked
“Why does it have to be sad and dark?
It’s too depressing and doesn’t fit you.
I don’t understand why you would write such things.”

I am not allowed to recite my poem, she said.
“Out of 40 kids in my class,
Your poem is the most unremarkable
And disappointing one of all.”


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