My 5 Realities of Backpacking Without Any “Real” Budget for New Gear

As an aspiring digital nomad who grew up in one of the developing countries in Asia, I don’t actually earn that much for me to go to all of the places I wanted to go.  So in an effort to be able to cross some things off my bucket list, I’m using old hand-me-down gears to get started on this year’s journey.

  1. My bags and shoes don’t match. All the fantasy of being fashionable and having that perfect Instagram model shot is now thrown out of the window. My shoes are also worn and old, so hopefully, it survives till the end of my last trip.
  2. My Selfie stick/monopod is “somewhat” broken. It’s cracked. Here is why packing tape is my best friend.
  3. Backpack consists of 30% work related things, 20% clothes and personal things, 10% slippers and sandals, and 30% food. Yes, I have more food than I have clothes. There will come a time in the journey where I won’t have that much money to buy any food, it’s better to be prepared than be sorry later. #FoodisLife
  4. My Clothes/Ensemble is in grayscale. Because I don’t have the budget to buy new clothes for the trip, I’m bringing my old clothes – faded shirts and loose shorts.
  5. Paranoid. Because I look like a regular tourist and people might mistake me for a rich person strolling thru their streets. What they don’t know is that I don’t have that much money. I’m just a bum who travels, just making enough money to live and buy the next plane ticket.


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