To Celine, Happy Birthday.


Happy Birthday Celine!

Congratulations on surviving 25 years. You have officially lived your first quarter of your century.

I know it wasn’t easy and I also know how hard you had to fight to get to where you are right now.

In gradeschool, you doubted yourself so much that you thought you had no friends. You felt bullied and casted out. You felt alone and insecure – not good enough to be someone else’s friend. I know why you felt so inferior back then but that’s okay because you were able to rebuild your confidence when you started highschool.

While you were a nobody back in gradeschool, you started to create a name for yourself in highschool. You got involved in class politics and maintained high grades – you even got the occasional award. Good job! Even though you were given the opportunity to transfer to the Science Class on your freshman year, you never regretted the decision to stay out of it.

By your senior year, a lot of people know your name. It may be because of the “highschool romance” book you wrote from your freshmen year or becoming the Charlie Company Commander of Cadet Training on your senior year – people are finally noticing your full potential.

Came college, you always commanded attention in class. Remember how great that felt? That was an accomplishment right there. Great work! Even though these people just met you, they had great respect for you.

Oh do you remember the first Department Meeting you attended on your first year in College? Yes? It was when you asked the first question during the open forum and people – students and professors – were taking photos of you. Haha It was hilarious at the same time nerve-wracking! Remember how much effort you exerted to keep a straight face? That was an awesome day. I bet you forgot about it.

You were a rockstar back in your Paulinian College Days – you ran and won for Student Office (well because no one ran against you), became part of the department’s volleyball and basketball team (even if you’re not that good a player and oftentimes don’t know what’s happening), won art and singing competitions, aced all your subjects, and gained a lot of friends – ah those were the Golden Days. Some people say that Highschool are going to be the best years in your life, but you and I both know that it was those 3 years in College that had really hit the ball park.

I know how sad and excited you got when you had to uproot your life and leave a thousand kilometers away to another city.

I know how afraid you were on your first day of class in your new school but after a few weeks of adjustment, you were finally able to stand your ground firmly. You succeeded academically and even won another student office race. As an added bonus, you created more memories that would forever stay with you – memories that your new friends helped make.

You were on a roll. Succeeding in every step and overcoming every obstacle. So when you fell, it was hard. I know, I was there too – through your year of alcoholic stints, the Board Exam fail, your first heartbreak, the great depression, terrible anxiety attacks and just feeling lost.

But you’re thankful for those three years because if it hadn’t happened, you wouldn’t have found your dream job, learn your worth, know which path you want to be on, and be able to remember how to love yourself. Because of that downfall, you learn that nothing in life is certain and you just have to improvise when life hits you with a curve ball.

Congratulations on becoming the strong woman that you are today. Let’s work on getting to 26, yes?




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