7 Things to Consider when Choosing an Airbnb host for Urban Digital Nomads

Going out on your first trip and decided that Airbnb is the right service for you? Here are some of the things you may want to consider when choosing the right Airbnb host when visiting a neighbouring city.

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1. Affordable. No deposits and extra charges aside from the service fee, REASONABLE cleaning fee, and of course the rent. Look for listings with a weekly or monthly discount. Why? Because we want to save more.

Go for listings with Monthly and/or weekly discounts if you plan on staying for more than a week.
If you’re trying to save while using Airbnb and you just have enough cash for rent, steer clear of listings with security deposits and those with a higher weekend price.

2. Wifi and laptop friendly. This is very important because as digital nomads, we get our funds from working online and delivering top-notch outputs to our clients. Some listings indicate how fast and reliable their wifi connections are, I trust those more than others.

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3. Less clutter and more inspiring interior design. I’m all for creative designs and themed rooms. But it is more efficient for a digital nomad to have lesser distractions in his/her surroundings to be able to get things done.

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4. Electric Kettle, Microwave, Washing Machine, and Refridgerator. Most of the time, I’m staying at a place for 3 days or more so the essentials are in order. It’d be handy to have an electric kettle for when the urge to drink cheap coffee arises or hot chocolate (let’s be reasonable, I meant Milo or Ovaltine – struggling millennials can’t afford expensive ones like Swiss Miss lol). Microwave to reheat leftover takeouts, washing machine to wash your dirty clothes (because you only brought a week’s worth of clothing and you need them clean for your next trip) and of course the fridge, to preserve your leftover meals or to keep our preferred drinks cold.

5. Free Drinking Water. It would be awesome if the host can provide purified/filtered water, but if not, you can always buy a container at a convenience store.

Note: If they don’t provide safe drinking water, ask them where you can buy one that would last you for 3 or more days. Some deliver for free. (If you’re delivering safe drinking water in the Philippines and you’re reading this, send me a message!)

Water container with faucet

6. Location. Location. Location. Proximity to shopping centres, parks, convenience stores and spots in the city worth exploring, has access to public transportation, secure neighbourhood, and not place beside, across, or behind a construction site (just to be safe).

It’s always about the location.

7. Positive Reviews. Check out the reviews section to know if it’s worth booking.

Refer to Airbnb host from criteria number 2. (Faces of reviewers are edited for security purposes)
If you’d like to try out Airbnb on your next travel, sign up using my link to get 1,100 PHP / 22USD towards your first trip.

Did I miss anything? Let me know what else should a digital nomad look for when choosing an Airbnb host in the city!


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