The November Flowers Are In Bloom As Well As My Love For It

My fascination with flowers started when I was a kid. It manifested itself in my drawings and adventures created by my imagination.

My grandmother, Rosalinda (the mother of my father), used to have Santan flowers in front of their house in Surigao. During lazy afternoons, I would go out and pick them, fashion them as necklaces and crowns.

My mom’s family home in Pampanga also had the same plants growing around the perimeter.

As I grew up and met my peers, my fascination dwindled. My love for these plants had been slowly pushed at the back of my head and compartmentalized as something I shouldn’t even like. I was led to believe that flowers were just a romantic idealism that was just a waste of money. In an effort to be part of the “cool” crowd, I gave in to the hypocritical belief.

While my peers think that I don’t like flowers, I would secretly pine to receive them at random times of the year even without reason. They may look like they don’t serve any purpose but to stroke, a woman’s ego, for me its something to draw inspiration from.

I only received flowers once in High School, on my birthday, from one of my friends and I regretted broadcasting my false opinion about flowers after and before that day.

During an unplanned trip to Baguio before All Souls’ Day, I was exposed to a parade of flowers sold in and around Burnham Park. The stalls were lined with different kinds of flowers and the colors were pleasing to the eyes and the smell so refreshing.

These plants were bought in Baguio and the picture was taken here in Pampanga.
Flowers of different kinds were sold in an array of stalls in Baguio.
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My mom and I were so fascinated that the next day we decided to buy a bunch. So for this year’s trip instead of bringing food back from Baguio, we brought back flowers.

Getting up close to the Malaysian Mums

Aside from buying the plants themselves, we also bought flowers by the stem. We figured that we could save a lot of money to arrange our own flowers to bring to the cemetery on the 1st of November rather than buying a set here in Pampanga which would cost a fortune.

Flowers we bought by the stem in Baguio. It costs lower than the ones sold in Pampanga.
Mums were sold in different colors.

The plants cost around 50 to 60 pesos each, and some are even sold as 3 for 100 pesos, while the flowers (a set of three to four stems – which has about 4 to 5 flowers each) cost about 40 to 60 pesos.

Note: Try to haggle to get the best low price! (My mom is shamelessly good at it. Oftentimes I wish I inherited that trait. lol)

Look at the combination of colors on these flowers!

With less than 1000 pesos we were able to create five flower arrangements to leave at our loved ones’ graves.

And I now have a new hobby which is both colorful and inspiring.

Images were taken with Samsung J7 Pro.

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