A Manager’s Parting Words

When I resigned from my last job I didn’t tell my manager the whole truth at first. I was reluctant to let him know why I wasn’t so enthusiastic about showing up to work – the reason behind my insecurities and my anxiety. So I did the only way I could to explain my whole story without actually talking to him. I sent him an email.

It took a while before I received a reply because he was overseas working at a trade fair. I didn’t know what to expect from him, would he be angry? Would he play with my insecurities? Would he snicker? Well, he didn’t. He was supportive and he gave an eye-opening message.

I’m sharing his message with you because even though most of you think you know better, you might learn a thing or two (Note: I had to edit out some sensitive information):

“Hi Celine,

Appreciate your honesty. I’m sure it took you a while to muster up the courage to write this letter and you should know that I am grateful for the work and insight you’ve contributed to (company) despite the short amount of time with our team. I’m back from (tradeshow). You can come back for the stuff you left behind. I would also suggest writing or talking to HR to clear things up before you go. You can go on your chosen path, but you don’t have to burn bridges on your way.

Also some parting words:

The corporate political environment is definitely not for everyone. It takes grit and subterfuge to play the game. Wherever you go, as long as hierarchies exist, you cannot avoid politics.

That and anxiety’s a b*tch, amirite? I wholeheartedly agree with you on stepping back once in a while to find yourself, I would’ve done the same. But you know what? We are our own worst enemy. So the next time you have to fight, make sure you put those fists up and show those evil people AND YOURSELF that they messed with the wrong badass. The only way you’ll learn how to get better at fighting is by being placed in a situation where you have to fight back. So don’t be afraid to go out there. Battle it out, take a step back, know when to quit, lick your wounds, learn from it, and do it all over again until you become a force to be reckoned with. You can only get better from every experience, not worse. Every failure is just more wisdom you can use in your next battle.

And remember, the next time you’re afraid, then GOOD…cause it’s the only opportunity you have to be brave. You can’t really be called brave unless you’re confronted with fear.

We hired you for your intellect, so I’m sure that in time you’ll figure this all out.”

All I can say is that I’m thankful to have met him. He may be one of the best managers I’ve worked with yet.

I hope his message had helped you like it helped me. Who do you think can benefit from this? Share this with your friends. You might not know who might actually need it right this moment.


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