This Millennial’s Backstory

Hi. My name is Celine, born in Manila in the year 1992 but I grew up in Surigao and lived there for more than half of my life. I city jumped for a while but now, I live in Pampanga.

AMA Computer College Graduation April 2014

I graduated with a 5-year Bachelor’s degree in Electronics Engineering and became a college professor straight out of college. While teaching Physics and higher math was fun, the pay was horrible and the management sucked so I left.

In the hopes of increasing my market value, I decided to travel and work out of the province which is roughly 39 miles away (the commute was horrible by the way). My plan worked and my market value increased by 10%. But answering calls and handling very irate clients was not my thing. At that time I was also suffering from this weird allergy to dust and whatnot brought on by my recent withdrawal of alcohol (a post for another day), I had to resign and go back to the province.

Literally just woke up

For a year since then, I was officially unemployed, depressed, and I didn’t know what to do with my life. I was so insecure that even though I am receiving calls for jobs that I didn’t apply to and acing my phone interviews, I couldn’t bring myself to step out of the house and face the world. Everything was not right with me and I blamed my allergies – I became obsessed with cleanliness and picky when it came to food. Fast food chains for me at that time was a breeding ground for bacteria. I would often cringe when I felt or saw that the table in front of me was sticky or had some amount of dust on top of it.

The only time I can bring myself to get out of the house is when my mom would take me to Divisoria or Quiapo, specifically the craft supplies stores. I’d be happy to see all the beads, stones, charms, paper, fabrics, feathers, hoops, and wood despite feeling sticky because of sweat, tired because of all the walking, and smelly because of the pollution. My bacteria nightmares were out of sight.

Refridgerator magnets made of resin and sequins by my mom

This was the start of my personal rehabilitation. I started creating jewelry and handcrafted whatchamacallits. I also attempted to sell them online, a few pieces got sold but I didn’t have a solid business plan and it was only more of a hobby so it didn’t actually boom as I would have hoped.

Gradually I was beginning to have confidence in myself because of the positive feedback I am getting online from people I know and those I don’t. And when I realized that I was finally ready to face the world again, I didn’t want to be an Engineer. While I loved solving puzzles and mysteries, Electronics Engineering wasn’t what I wanted to do.

All my life, I had been passionate about the art of design and I had always been fascinated with marketing. But I thought I had to focus on just one part of marketing where the design was involved. Lo and behold, I took online courses and joined webinars at 1 til 3 in the morning (because most of the hosts are from the West) and became a self-taught Social Media Specialist whose skillset dominates in engaging media and design.

3rd month being employed after a year of unemployment

By chance, I took up a job as a Marketing Virtual Assistant in a start-up BPO company in Clark, Pampanga. I stayed there for a whole year but I’ve known that half-way through my stay, the company wasn’t the right fit for me. I realized it when I felt depressed, overworked, and worthless. I felt more of like a placeholder rather than a piece to a puzzle. I felt ill and often times cannot bring myself to get out of my apartment. So I left.

Since then no other company had been the right fit for me. So in a huge leap of faith, I decided to work from home, freelance, and start a blog.

My view when I decided on a major shift in my life

I know that I’m not the only struggling millennial in this digital world. If you’re reading this, I’d love to know your backstory. I would like to hear about a major shift in your life or the moment you made a decision that had a big impact. Comment them below and let’s help and inspire each other to take action!




  1. Anna Marie Kahil

    I feel you. Hated the corporate world, too. You have an artistic temperament so you’re unusually sensitive to your environment like all of us artists, I think. But you are also intuitive. I remember feeling without direction when I graduated from a very expensive university. My mom and aunts kept telling me I was intelligent but I only felt inept. I felt out of place in a world that valued a certain type of beauty over brains. You probably function best being your own boss in a creative profession. Your writing is raw and real. You have marketing experience. Why not do marketing as an independent professional? You can also do lots of freelance writing jobs online. Since you love to travel, a travel blog would be right up your alley. I was 24 when I graduated from college because I kept hopping from one course to another. I am now 55. I’ve used all my negative experiences to better myself – improve skills and the way I do things – so I’m happier now than in my teens and 20s. But I feel like I wasted so much time.

    The one thing I’ve learned is that success follows when we being value to other people’s lives. Recently I was invited to give a talk (?!) on health and wellness by the beautiful founder of a spa owners’ association. I thanked her for the honor but declined. I work so hard at taking care of my home, my family and myself that I didn’t feel I had much in common with people who look glamorous all the time and whose business is pampering women. I pamper myself at home and only occasionally get a massage at a spa after a hard workout. I started working out at 27 to get over a heartbreak, to rechannel all that emotional energy productively. I had a handsome boyfriend who loved the ladies. At the time I met you, I was not at my best because I’d let my health and fitness slide while I tried to get a networking career of the ground. I realized I hated it so I went back to doing the things I love so now I look and feel a heck of a lot better!

    Focus on the woman you want yo become and realize that intelligent women only grow more beautiful as they get older. You have fabulous hair and a pretty face, especially your eyes. Don’t waste your years like I did. Make a career out of what you love doing NOW.

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  2. celinemerto

    Thank you for sharing your experience Ms. Ann, as well as for the word of advice. I truly appreciate it. I am quite happy with my current path, even though online freelancing has a tendency for me to have zero physical contact from the outside world 😄.

    Now that I have goals and able to bring work with me anywhere I go, I feel I have purpose and direction. This blog is long overdue and I’m glad I finally made the first step.


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