Her Story: Planes and Plans

She laid there beside him,
watching the planes pass by.
Connecting the stars with her thoughts. 
‘How can something look so alive, be dead?’,
she thought as she gazed at the stars
that shined above her.

He was talking to her now,
speaking of promises he couldn’t keep,
of plans for the future that couldn’t be,
of dreams so far beyond his reach – he cannot fulfill.

She just smiled at him,
nodding at every word he says.
She can’t afford to be cynical now,
she didn’t want to break his heart
mostly because as she watched him talk
there was a twinkle in his eyes,
a glow on his skin,
there as he moved his lips — there was a promise of tomorrow.

She loved him. She knew right then.
But she couldn’t say it.
Not out loud.
She loved him,
and all she can do is smile and nod.


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