Her Story: Without Him

The glass preventing my mind to wonder that place breaks…
His smile, his eyes, the smell of this perfume reminds me of so much

My skin tingling as his touch lingers for
1 second, 2 seconds, 5 seconds
10 seconds is all it took for me to remember
how his face felt on my neck
his body on my chest 
the warmth of his breath
Then silence

No phone calls
No texts
No smiles of affection
My mistake

Did we need to define the relationship?
Was I only a hole to satiate?
Was I not worth his time and attention?

His lips, oh I remember his lips
The warmth of his breath as it grazed my cheeks
His rugged face tickling my nose
as his lips touched my forehead

Oh his touch, so gentle yet rough
The sensation as his hands slides down my
arm to hold my hand
Then nothing

Now he’s there
Standing by the shelf of chocolates and roses
Picking up what once was mine to own
I know I am too far gone

I haven’t moved on, that I know
And I don’t think I ever will…

That — I know.


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