The Coffee Shop: Lady in Waiting

Slowly, the moist around her Starbucks cup form little tears. With every second that past, each one drips down its side landing on the napkin which separates the cup from the table. Her phone, sitting right in front of her – ready when someone calls.
There in the middle of the aroma in the coffee shop, she writes down her thoughts – the ones she can’t share with any living soul – while she waits for that single message from that significant someone.

She takes a sip of her coffee and immediately regretted ordering a venti instead of a grande. ‘Too much caffeine and sugar in one cup,’ she thought, ‘so this is how desperate I am.’ She took another sip again, hoping to feel the caffeine rush that she’s used to. But to no avail, everything just seems so dreadful.

Out of the blue, a familiar ping from her phone disrupted her thoughts. Heart-poundingly she hurried and opened her phone to check who sent the message.

False alarm.

It was just another friend reminding her of project deadlines.
‘Where is he?’, she was thinking, ‘he should have been here hours ago.’ Her thoughts tormented her, possibilities upon possibilities entering and leaving her mind – making her more anxious by the second.

She took another sip before angling her view towards the window.

She watched the cars pass by – different colors and different kinds – wondering where they were all rushing to. Was there a ‘someone’ in their lives, like her, waiting for them to arrive? Or were they just the type of people who are used to rushing things, that they often forget the essence of being human?

Her thoughts strayed a bit far when her phone pinged again. At this moment, she took her time in opening the message and decided not to expect too much. And she was right, it still wasn’t him.

She was tired of waiting for him.

He would always tell her that he’ll be there, but he seldom does.

She took another sip.

She fixed her stuff.

Another sip.

Waited another minute longer.

Another sip.

She slowly counted to ten.



This time, she took a big gulp and left.


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