Her story: The Great Pretender

I’m just sitting here beside you,
listening to what you have to say.
Thoughts on what you’re going through,
with the girl, you love day by day.

You complain about her being insensitive;
that she lacks the passion to show her love;
that she needs to give time for you;
that she needs to realize your worth.

And every time you speak,
I just nod and stare at your eyes.
They express so many emotions;
emotions that only I can see.

I can feel the anger,
trapping you like a wind caught in a jar.
Desperate to escape but no bounds to go thru.

You kept it all within your being,
you wish to let it out.
But you’re afraid that people will judge you,
but you believe I will not.

I pretend that I’m not affected
by the pain, she’d inflicted.
I smile and say it’s okay.
that time will pass and you’ll be together once again.

I pretend all the time.
But not when I hug you,
not when I cuddle with you,
not when I put my arms around your neck,
not when I stare at you when you’re not looking,
not when I say I miss you,
And especially not when I say I LOVE YOU all the time.


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